Social Motion Forecasting (SoMoF) Benchmark

The goal of the SoMoF benchmark is to predict future human trajectories and skeleton poses using information about the surrounding scene and the other humans involved. Participants are given video of the scene and labeled trajectories and poses up to some time t and must predict trajectories and poses for all individuals through some time t+T.

The above videos show examples of the problem input and output. For each 16-frame input video, the locations of all body joints of each person in each frame are provided. The video is also provided as input for incorporating scene context into the model.

The model output should be the predicted locations of all body joints for each person in each of the next 14 video frames, which are not seen by the model.


To participate in the SoMoF benchmark:

  • Download the dataset.
  • Create an account.
  • Submit your results as a zip file containing 3dpw_predictions.json and/or posetrack_predictions.json files with the same structure as the input dataset. You may also submit a posetrack_masks.json file with the same structure to represent which joints your model predicts to be visible.


  • (10/25/21) The 1st Workshop has been successfully held! Videos will be posted soon.
  • (10/25/21) The challenge winners are Chenxi Wang, Yunfeng Wang, Zixuan Huang, and Zhiwen Chen with the paper "Simple Baseline for Single Human Motion Forecasting." Congratulations!
  • (7/24/21) We have extended the ICCV2021 workshop challenge and paper submission deadlines by four days. No additional extensions will be possible.
  • (4/15/21) Our "1st Workshop, Benchmark and Challenge on Human Trajectory and Pose Dynamics Forecasting in the Wild" is going to be held at ICCV2021! Please check out the workshop page here.
  • (1/30/21) This website is still under maintenance. We apologize for any errors.


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